vineyard vieux ~ Clos Montmartre, the only remaining and working vineyard in Paris.

 Felt as though had entered a fairytale….such an amazing, peaceful tiny corner of Paris……one would never dream that a million tourist are a just a couple of rues away. My wine making husband was in heaven. 

photo by moi & petite Ingred (my ipod) but following info from

Clos Montmartre: The Remaining Vineyard in Paris

Mention French wines and you immediately think of the famedterroirs of Bordeaux, Burgundy or Alsace. But little is often said about a Parisian wine that is produced in the heart of Montmartre.In 1933, the site was saved from development and vines were planted by the Mairie de Paris. 27 varietals make up the wine but it consists primarily of Gamay and Pinot NoirYou won’t find Montmartre wines in restaurants or bottle shops. The yield is auctioned every year with the proceeds going to charity. As for the wine itself, it is not known to be drinkable. According to a popular 17th century dictum, it has diuretic properties.C’est du vin de MontmartreQui en boit pinte en pisse quarte

The wine of Montmartre

Whoever drinks a pinte (0.93 litres) …… a quart (67 litres)!

The vineyard is closed to the public except on special occasions such as la Fête des Jardins which is held in autumn. We were fortunate to be in Paris one September and had the opportunity to get close to the vines and grapes.
The wine harvest is celebrated during La Fête des Vendanges deMontmartre, an annual event that takes place in the second weekend in October.

Clos Montmartre
14-18 rue des Saules
75018 Paris
Métro: Lamarck-Coulaincourt


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