By: Parisian cowgirl, Feurchild, Élizabeth

Nov 03 2011

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As I’ve mentioned many times before, I don’t really believe in following recipes, just guidelines. Doesn’t really allow room for creativity does it…. kind of like only being allowed to use a colouring book for a life time & never being able to make our own picture! I want any“recipe”  you find on my site to become your own so as always feel free to change, add, take away….. according to your taste, ideas……. & what have on hand…….ingredients amounts vary depending on size of squash & people eating & such……

Below are just the basics of what I just did:

Chunks of flesh of musque de provence or other fabulous squash in heavy soup pot with hunks of sweet onion & carrots covered in chicken broth.

I never bin the seeds, love those little babies!!! Seeds can be toasted in good quality olive oil & then sprinkled with fleur de sel & set aside for garnish later if you don’t eat them before like I have. jaja

When squash is softened ( stab it to see if ready) allow pot to cool before blending creaming contents using appliance  of choice. Pour bit of warm mixture in container that the heavy cream can slowly be added too, adding little more of the warm to bit by bit before pouring into the pot along with rest of creamed mixture.

Season with fleur de sel or other good quality salt, fresh ground pepper, grated nutmeg & fresh grated ginger. Taste, taste, taste until it is just as you think it should be.  Can be garnished with sour cream if you like &/or a few of the the toasted seeds. 

Ginger bread for dessert is nice after a BIG bowl of this creamy silky delight. Don’t you just adore autumn food!!!


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